Ella for iOS

Listen. We make outdoor adventure apps. Ella is one of them. It’s pretty sleek. Record your elevation in real-time. Perfect for hiking, climbing, or road trips. ... We could go on and on about it (It’s feature-rich! With a clean, minimalist design!). We won’t though. Because you have things to do, trails to hike and mountains to climb. So, download Elli, go forth and view life from the top of the world.

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Ella for iOS
Ella for iOS
Ella for iOS
Ella for iOS
Ella for iOS


"Really good for tracking your elevation gain when in the mountains."


"Just wanted something to track my current coordinates and it does just that. Very nice!"

B3 Burner

"Smart, simple and easy."

Yazeed Momani

"The UI captures the flat style of iOS perfectly. Simple and intuitive."

Ko Olina Family

"Perfect for road trips!"



So far, we've released 1 minor update to Alti. We hope to release many more too, possibly even one including an iPad version of the app.

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V 1.0.1

Updated Meta Data

V 1.0

Yes we're live. Keep on trecking!

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